" keyword analysis shows that ai was the hottest technology in 2017, with blockchain in fourth place. A few months later, in 2018, blockchain strong pushed into first place, and ai became second. " The results of this analysis provided by yuan yong are clearly visible in the data comparison diagram, while in a cloud picture formed by current technical term analysis, the three big words "blockchain" occupy the most prominent position.

" in terms of technical features, the two technologies are very complementary and complementary." According to yuan, ai is a kind of centralized research. From AlphaGo in 2016 to today's super computing and deep learning, including some new AI algorithm patterns, they are actually implemented through a lot of calculation, which is centralized intelligence.

The counterpart of central intelligence is decentralized distributed intelligence. With the advent of the Internet, there are distributed intelligent forms such as human flesh search and crowdsourcing. However, these forms have not further become more mature social intelligence with the in-depth development of the Internet, and thus produce more social and economic benefits with greater influence. In yuan's opinion, this is because human flesh search has no incentive mechanism, "the search is conducted by means of feelings, curiosity or other spontaneous organizational mechanism, which is not sustainable".

The technical characteristics of blockchain are distributed and decentralized, autonomous and automatic, organized and orderly. Yuan yong said the most important feature of blockchain is "" decentralized autonomy" ", and its P2P networking, distributed consensus collaboration and contribution-based economic incentives are the natural modeling of distributed autonomous social systems themselves. Each node in the blockchain system will act as an autonomous and autonomous intelligent body in the distributed system.

Yuan Yong shows a marked the timeline of technological change, from left to right in turn for: inspired intelligence, logical intelligence, computational intelligence, network intelligence, centralized intelligence, distributed intelligence, and through the timeline correspond to different stages of smart technology forms: mainframe, PC, client/server, Internet, cloud computing/super calculate, chain blocks. In the evolution of computing patterns, although distributed intelligence is listed in the order of time after centralized intelligence, he explained that this does not mean that distributed intelligence will replace ai, but that it will co-exist with ai for a long time, integrate with each other and develop together.

"The combination of blockchain and ai will generate a lot of sparks and even a lot of fire, and the biggest spark will herald the re-emergence of distributed ai," yuan said.