First, cany makes up sofa toughness is big, durable, it can be effectively mothproof and moistureproof, it is household environmental protection green furniture, more with more burnish.

Second, cane makes up sofa appearance guileless and unadorned, have the color that is close to nature, bring a kind of contracted and pure and fresh, healthy and environmental protection sense to people, need not too much carve, can build an elegant and noble environment atmosphere.

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Third, rattan furniture than wooden furniture a few minutes more light, at the same time than metal furniture more flexible. Compare with common sofa photograph, more breathe freely, comfortable, practical, chun xia qiu dong can be used.

Rattan plaited sofa features

First, observe the cane, distinguish the good and bad cane. The old cane with good quality is better than new cane in the respect such as hardness and flexibility, the evenness that observes cane carefully next, general thickness is uniform, colour and lustre is better. Look again whether the cane surface has spot, different color, crack and moth-eaten mark, the cane that has good flexibility commonly and do not break is better.

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Second, can grasp cane to make up the edge of sofa with both hands, shake gently, feel whole frame is firm, brush in furniture surface with palm again, if feel smooth better.

Third, the sofa price that general tender cane weaves is met cheaper, because the sofa tenacity that tender cane weaves weaves is poorer, cane surface is easy corrugate and break, the cane that suggests buying old cane weaves sofa so .

The 4th, when choosing cane to make up sofa, the braid of careful observation sofa is even, whether join mouth processing is proper, and go up lacquer is even.