Robert opened the front door quickly, and hurried out. Meanwhile, the gentleman had helped Mrs. Frost out, and she was advancing up the walk, leaning on the arm of her companion. Mrs. Frost smiled, and turning to the man at her side, said , This is my son Robert, James. Ah, indeed! said the other with a smile. He looks like a stout, strong boy. I wonder who he is, thought Robert. But he was soon to learn. Did you have a pleasant visit, mother? he asked. Yes, very pleasant, answered his mother reenex facial , with a meaning glance at her companion. Robert, did you receive my telegram? Yes, mother. You remember what I said about the great surprise? Yes, mother. Well, this gentleman is the great surprise, she said, simpering. By this time the whole party had entered the house. I don't understand you, mother, said the boy,[Pg 13] but a sudden suspicion had entered his mind, and he was afraid that he did understand. He waited in painful suspense for his mother to speak. I have brought you a new father , Robert. This is my husband, Mr. Talbot. Oh, mother! exclaimed Robert in a grief-stricken tone. How could you marry again? Mrs. Talbot, for this was now her name, blushed and looked uncomfortable. Her husband looked angry. Really, young man, he said, it seems to me that is a very improper way of addressing your mother.